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Herndon/Muncey has been working with realtors for over 20 years.  We understand the need for professionalism and integrity when it comes to buy/sell agreements.  Herndon/Muncey recognizes the need for quick responses when working with buyers, sellers, and realtors under contract period deadlines.  Our testing is accurate, thorough and non-evasive (our test in no way will damage the home or it’s sewer systems).


Below are the services we typically provide for buyers and realtors:

  • Under-Slab Sewer Testing

  • Camera Inspections of Under-Slab Systems

  • Shower Pan Tests

To order a test you can email or call us.

OR – fill out the online form by clicking on the ORDER TEST button below


You will also need to download the Seller’s AUTHORIZATION FORM and have the seller sign and return to us.


TREC‘s recent Addendum for Authorizing Hydrostatic Testing – effective 2/12/18

Herndon/Muncey Guarantee