Herndon Muncey Specializes in Under-Slab Reroutes, Repairs and Freshwater Re-Pipes

Under-slab reroutes, repairs and Freshwater re-pipes have been our focus since 1995. It's the only type of plumbing we do, and we have become experts in the process. We provide our clients with creative and competitive solutions, and we execute our proposals with an excellence that can only come with 9,000 projects and two decades of experience.

Types of repair services we provide include:

  • Under-Slab Tunneling
  • Trenching to Replace Yard Line
  • Boring
  • Complete Sewer Reroutes
  • Domestic Freshwater Reroutes
  • Spot Repairs

ASK US ABOUT OUR FRESHWATER PEX REPIPES!!!! We can provide a freshwater re-pipe as well as sewer reroutes and repairs. Our prices are competitive, and we bring the same quality and Herndon Muncey Guarantee to our Freshwater re-pipes as we do our Under-Slab work. Not to mention most of our re-pipes are completed within 2-3 business days. Get a free no obligation quote TODAY!

Our reports are guaranteed by noon the following business day.

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